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October Features:


We like a good theme here at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and this month we’re loving all things horses. Learn what it means to be a horse-riding, truck-driving Texan in Bruce Machart’s short story collection, Men in the Making, run with wild horses in Deanne Stillman's Mustang, or travel back to the very first horse race in John Eisenberg's The Great Match Race. No horsing around, these are five great deals, available all month long.

From the author who pennedThe Wake of Forgiveness, ten remarkable stories that tackle what it means to be a man. The prequel to Chosen by a Horse, detailing how Richards met Georgia and her struggle through alcoholism. Mustang is the sweeping story of the wild horse in the culture, history, and popular imagination of the American West. The Great Match Race is a captivating account of America's first sports spectacle, a horse race that pitted North against South in three grueling heats. On a bright afternoon in May 1823, an unprecedented sixty thousand people showed up to watch two horses run the equivalent of nine Kentucky Derbys in a few hours' time. When fourteen-year-old Carson Fielding bought his first horse from Magnus Yarborough, it became clear that the teenager was a better judge of horses than the rich landowner was of humans. Years later, Carson, now a skilled and respected horse trainer, grudgingly agrees to train Magnus's horses and teach his wife to ride. But as Carson becomes disaffected with the power-hungry Magnus, he also grows more and more attracted to the rancher's wife, and their relationship sets off a violent chain of events that unsettles their quiet reservation border town in South Dakota.