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July Features:

Saucy Beach Reads Best Kept “Under Covers”

If it isn’t quite hot enough on the beach, here are some reads that get mighty steamy. Ashley Norton’s debut The Chocolate Money gives a glimpse into the life of the daughter of an impossibly rich chocolate heiress; like many of Howard Norman's celebrated novels, the unconventional love story Devotion opens with the announcement of a crime; you'll find classic erotic stories from Anais Nin in The Delta of Venus; Secret Father is set in Cold War-era Berlin, where three teenagers find themselves in a world of trouble; and a novel of love and war in 1860’s Paris is Carole DeSanti’s masterful The Unruly Passions of Eugenie R.

The story of the daughter of a glamorous chocolate heiress who must navigate a complex landscape of wealth, sex, and decadence through a privileged childhood in Chicago and an East Coast prep school, with only her narcissistic mother to guide her. Like many of Howard Norman’s celebrated novels, this intense and intriguingly unconventional love story begins with a crime. David Kozol has assaulted his father-in-law on a London street. What could possibly enrage David enough that he would strike the father of his new bride? Why would William, the gentle caretaker of an estate in Nova Scotia — along with its flock of swans — be so angry at the man who has just married his beloved daughter Maggie? And what would lead Maggie to believe that David has been unfaithful to her? The New York Times Bestselling collection of erotica by the author of Little Birds and A Spy in the House of Love. A suspenseful drama of family and politics set in Cold War Berlin. Missed signals, cloaked motives, false postures, and panicked responses echo tragically across borders and generations when, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a father and son recount the tense events of nearly thirty years before. In 1961, just before the Wall rises, three teenagers from an American school in West Germany travel to the Communist side of the divided city to join a rally. Unknown to them, their parents have unfinished business reaching back to World War II which will pull the teens into the vortex of an international incident. Love and war converge in this lush, epic story of a young woman’s coming of age during and after France’s Second Empire (1860–1871), an era that was absinthe-soaked, fueled by railway money and prostitution, and transformed by cataclysmic social upheaval.