Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Draw a Quarkbeast contest winners!

From July 18 through November 30, 2013, HMH held a drawing contest inspired by the second book in Jasper Fforde’s exciting new Chronicles of Kazam series for young adult readers. We invited readers of all ages to draw—in black and white—what they thought this mythical little beast looked like. The Grand Prize winner will have their illustration featured in the paperback edition of THE SONG OF THE QUARKBEAST, and all winners will receive autographed hardcover copies of the first two books in the series: THE LAST DRAGONSLAYER and THE SONG OF THE QUARKBEAST.


Yazmin, Age 12

Jasper’s comments: This is my clear favourite, and shows considerable effort and concentration, along with imagination to not only draw a Quarkbeast, but to put it on a rock with a background, cloudscape - and the song, too! A 12 year old did this? Staggering!


Rebecca, Age 15

Jasper’s comments: This is the scariest of them - really well conveyed menace!

Kristin, Age 17

Jasper’s comments: I like this because the Quarkbeast looks so playful, which I think is what he is - emotion is in the picture, which is so cool!

Emily, Age 12

Jasper’s comments: I like the use of pen and ink here, and the odd randomness of taking the 'food mixer' description quite literally, with a plug on his tail, and fl. oz. marks up his back!

Justin, Age 28

Jasper’s comments: Very accomplished work. Great picture, well executed.

Marsha, Age 48

Jasper’s comments: You have to look twice to notice this one has six legs! This one is scary too, and I like his face especially.