We're getting letters and emails from girls around the world asking why guyku is just for guys.

We received this message from a girl named Temika in Massachusetts:

"HEY! I've been writing poetry since I was six. And now I found out about this thing called 'guyku'. . . that's for guys! What about girls who want to write haiku?"

Saori in Japan writes:

"Guyku may be for guys, but I'm a girl and I just created one! Why can't there be a Galku, too?"

Well, gals, we hear you!
It's not quite fair that right now there's only a Guyku book and website.
But please don't wait for a Galku book or website
before you grab a paper and pencil—or jump on the computer. . .

Take a note from Saori, and create your own galku.
Share them with others—
create a Galku Gallery at home,
or ask your teacher to help you create a gallery at school.
Give a tour.
No matter what, let your imagination run wild—
CELEBRATE your galku!

By the way—feel free to join the Guyku Club if you wish.
And help yourself to the downloadable goodies
on the How to Guyku webpage—gals deserve them too!


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