That's right—there's an official Guyku Club!


The Guyku Club is exclusively for those of you
who dare to pick up a pencil,
let words flow out onto paper,
and then create an illustration or animation
to bring your haiku to life.

Ready to Join the Club?

Even if you've only created one guyku so far,
you are hereby authorized by Bob and Peter to join the Guyku Club
simple as that!  

Click here for your official Guyku Club membership certificate.

guyku club certificate thumbnai

But Keep in Mind. . .

Once you're a member of the Guyku Club,
you must pledge to create more haiku-guyku
whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Encourage others to do the same!

Create and Share!  

So keep a pencil and paper handy at all times—and share your future poetic and artistic creations with others. Show them to your friends and family, gather them to create a special portfolio you can share with people, or ask your teacher to let you hang them up in the classroom or hallway at school. There’s a good chance you’ll inspire others and end up with a whole Guyku Gallery.

By the way—you should take a peek at our Guyku Gallery to see what other kids have been creating. Enjoy!

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